Hearing Division, Help My Ears!

letter az corp com hearing division

For another fantastic letter relating to hearing loss, click here: Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. There’s also this one: Bosa Donuts: I’m Deaf Now.


Lamber Letters Hall of Fame

Here are links to the most popular Lamber Letters viewed in 2017. I was surprised to learn that mayonnaise was the main subject of TWO of the letters! We love mayo!

  1. Bikini condoms – letter to the gas station
  2. Marriott: Dot Your Freaking “i”
  3. Pest Control – Mayonnaise Infestation
  4. QuikTrip – Po’Boy sandwiches
  5. Sinko De Mayo
  6. Bikini condoms – letter to the manufacturer
  7. Tampon Springs, Florida
  8. Red Man Chew – Celebrate Mouth Cancer Diversity
  9. Your Church Made Me Seasick.
  10. Share a Coke With the (Communist) Party!
  11. “Fart” Museum
  12. Wells Fargo: You’re Going To Jail…and Possibly Hell

Stats from the Scott Lamber Facebook page showed this post to be the most popular of 2017: DC Comics: How Does Superman Shave?